The Grone. A bird’s eye view of Groningen.

All in tour including lunch

During this trip to the north of Groningen, we take the Middag-Humsterland National Landscape to the Verhildersum Manor and Estate, where we will enjoy a delicious lunch made from local produce.

You will find that time has the ability to stand still, whilst its ebb and flow can always be felt in Noordpolderzijl. We pay a visit to polder mill De Goliath and drive through Eemshaven, where the wind always blows.

En route, you will receive additional information about the area via our app. If you wish to make use of the app, you will need a smartphone and headphones. Our unique storyteller, Monk Melchior, will tell you a range of stories and other interesting facts about the area, though you might prefer to simply look outside and enjoy our beautiful Groningen landscape.

Experience Groningen like never before. Discover, hear and feel the beauty of Groningen and its inhabitants. Step into The Grone!

• There is no Wifi available on board the bus, so please use your own data package.
• This is a non-guided tour. A host will be in the bus. All information is available on the screens on board the bus and in the app.
• The tour is also worthwhile without your own smartphone and headphones, but may be less informative.

• The tour will take place with a minimum participation of 15 people.
• 10 days before this tour it will be determined whether or not there will be driven. If we decide not to drive, you will be informed and the amount paid will be refunded to you.

Departure: 21-3-2020 11:00

Arrival: 21-3-2020 17:00

The Grone 21-03-2020

Lunch included.